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You as a company director have to provide the lender with a personal guarantee for the loan that you intend to borrow under the Company. This gives lender the opportunity to go after the personal property of the Director if the company is unable to pay off the debt.

A statutory declaration is a formal statement made affirming that something is true to the best knowledge of the person making the declaration. It has to be signed in the presence of a solicitor, commissioner for oaths or notary public.

Statutory declarations need to be completely truthful and accurate so a solicitor other than the one acting for you in a legal matter will deal with the statutory declaration to ensure that it is valid on the grounds of being impartial.

This is where there are two borrowers on the mortgage but only one name going on the title of the property.
Where an occupier resides at the property but does not own the property. When there is a re-mortgage that “occupier” will be asked to obtain an occupier’s consent certificate. We provide that occupier’s consent certificate. The re-mortgage or mortgage can then proceed.
Where one person is giving a share of a property to someone else or it could be putting their house under several names.
When the proprietors are taking out equity from their home to fund their retirement.
This is where the lender asks an occupier of a property who is not an owner, to sign a form agreeing to vacate the property if possession proceedings are taken.

Redundancies often involve the offer of settlement agreements to employees. Settlement agreements can be an opportunity to negotiate the best possible redundancy package for yourself, and seeking advice from our reputable law solicitors can help you to achieve that. Our fees are payable by your employer.

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Book a FREE Consultation at the time that suits you directly with our trusted partner law firms. No payment is required until after your legal advice.

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An approved panel solicitor will contact you to discuss your needs and requirements.

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After the consultation, you can book your legal advice appointment directly with your solicitor. They will provide you with the required independent legal advice and documents following your appointment. Following your payment to them your good to go!

A little about us....

When it comes to finding a solicitor to seek Independent legal advise we understand as a client the things that matter most are trust, reliability, professionalism and peace of mind, knowing you are in good hands.

My Online Lawyer was established by a group of solicitors whom acknowledged how difficult it can be to seek for Independent legal advise. They wanted to bring a change that would improvise a new approach to providing ILAs which shall ease the clients stress having to look around for the best solicitor at a cost effective fee.

We are to have built that network of highly qualified solicitors working in many diverse firms which are committed to delivering Independent legal advise in the comfort of your own home or office. We ensure your booking is made and confirmed at a time that is convenient to you.

We only select firm of solicitors to be on our panel who we trust are able to offer you a friendly, compassionate and reliable service so that you completely understand the steps of how the independent legal advise shall be carried out.

How does it work?

We have made the process very easy for you. You do not need to go out of your way to search for a solicitor that shall meet your needs. We have already done that for you by creating a network of highly qualified solicitors whom are available to assist. You pick your date and time for your ILA and let us do the rest for you. We will ensure that we connect you to the best firm of solicitors at your desired time.

We will take basic details from you that shall assist us in booking your appointment with a qualified solicitor. Our members of team shall instantly book a consultation for you with a qualified solicitor with a firm found on our panel. You have the option of booking a FREE ten minute consultation with them to ensure you are comfortable with the solicitor handling your matter. If you are not satisfied, there is no Charge as this service is absolutely FREE.

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​Great service from start to finish. Prompt with timings and got back to me very quickly. Staff are very kind and helpful. Thanks a lot!
​I can't recommend this company enough! I was being looked after by Saba who was knowledgeable, helpful and give the best advise and even went over the top to sort everything. She gave me all the information I needed and more. Amazing service and she totally exceeded my expectations and I will not go anywhere else should I need further advice.


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