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Rebecca HuntRebecca Hunt
20:03 15 Nov 22
Fantastic service and would definitely highly recommend; fast, efficient and friendly with a no nonsense approach. Having read various reviews about the already highly praised Saba I was rather pleased when she was allocated our case, needless to say she lived up to the high expectations set by other reviews and did a great job for us. This is an excellent choice, don’t hesitate!
Behzad ShamsBehzad Shams
22:38 22 Sep 22
Saba Rehman is really fantastic. Very fast at responding, she answer my calls over weekend and late night, she advise me very professional , great to talk to on the phone and very knowledgeable. Saba is a very positive person who clearly understands what is required and explains things in a meaningful way.Saba, I cannot praise you enough, you make a stressful process as easy and smooth as possible. I will always highly recommend you. I would definitely use your services again!
Pamela RenePamela Rene
19:39 05 Aug 22
Really happy with my first experience with My Online Lawyer. They were the most competitively priced of the four lawyers I researched for an Independent Legal Advice certificate. Saba was great she provided me with a first class professional service , and a quick turnaround , would definitely use them again.
14:57 26 Jun 22
Brilliant experience. Needed independent legal advice quickly for a property purchase. We were travelling at the time and it wasn't easy. Saba was super helpful and accommodating. A pleasure to deal with. Very reasonably priced as well. Would recommend without hesitation.
Alanda BlackAlanda Black
22:33 16 Jun 22
Very professional service, Saba went above and beyond for me. I felt very confident with Saba as she made me feel totally at ease. Everything was done in the most professional and efficient way. Would recommend to all my friends, just fantastic.

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Below is a summary list of the lenders with whom we are on the panel with and can deal with. This list is continually growing so if you don’t see your lender then please get in touch with us as we are certain we will be able to help.

Accord Mortgages
Assetz Capital
Atom Bank
Bank of China
Bank of Cyprus UK
Bank of Ireland
Bank of Scotland
Barclays Bank
Bluestone Mortgages
Buckinghamshire Building Society
Cambridge Building Society
Chelsea Building Society
Chorley Building Society
Clydesdale Bank
Dannske Bank
Darlington Building Society
Dudley Building Society
Fleet Mortgages
Foundation Home Loans
Help to Buy
Hinckley & Rugby Building Society

Ipswich Building Society
Kensington Mortgages
Kent Reliance
Keystone Property Finance
Leeds Building Society
Lloyds Bank
M & S Bank
Market Invoice
Marsden Building Society
Melton Mowbray Building Society
Mercandile Trust
Metro Bank
Monmouthshire Building Society
Mortgage Express
National Counties Building Society and Family Building Society
New Street Mortgages

Newcastle Building Society
Norwich & Peterborough BS
Nucleas Commercial Finance
Octupus Properties
Paragon Bank
Royal Bank of Scotland
Saffron Building Society
Secure Trust Bank
Shawbrook Bank
Tesco Bank
The Cumberland
The Mortgage Lender
The Mortgage Works
Tipton & Coseley Building Society
Vida Home Loans
Virgin Money
West Bromwich Building Society
Yorkshire Bank
Yorkshire Building Society

Independent Legal Advice (ILA) Solicitors Online

Independent Legal Advice (ILA) is to where an independent solicitor provides impartial advice to the client.

In circumstances where Independent Legal Advice (ILA) is required, you will usually be agreeing to either take on some form of liability or waive some of your rights but without necessarily enjoying any direct personal benefit for doing so. It is therefore imperative that you fully understand the implications and seek appropriate professional guidance.

By providing the advice, our goal is to protect our clients from signing any document before understanding the risks of the transaction. Once the advice and paperwork has been given, our senior independent solicitors will sign an Independent Legal Advice Certificate confirming that they have provided the relevant advice, followed by their client’s signature.

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Independent Legal Advice (ILA) for a Mortgage

Independent legal advice (ILA) in the context of a mortgage refers to the borrower obtaining legal advice from a qualified and independent lawyer before entering into a mortgage agreement. This legal advice ensures that the borrower fully understands the terms and implications of the mortgage contract they are about to sign.

Here’s why independent legal advice is important in the context of a mortgage:

  • Understanding Legal Obligations: A mortgage is a legally binding contract that outlines the terms and conditions of the loan, including repayment schedules, interest rates, and potential penalties. Legal advice helps the borrower understand their rights and obligations under the mortgage contract.
  • Protection of Interests: ILA ensures that the borrower’s legal rights and interests are protected. A lawyer can review the mortgage agreement to identify any unfair terms or conditions that might put the borrower at a disadvantage.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Legal advice empowers the borrower to make an informed decision about whether to proceed with the mortgage. It allows the borrower to weigh the pros and cons based on their individual circumstances and financial situation.
  • Compliance with Regulations: In the UK, obtaining independent legal advice for certain mortgage transactions is a legal requirement. Failing to seek ILA when mandated could render the mortgage contract void or unenforceable.
  • Preventing Fraud or Coercion: ILA can also serve as a safeguard against potential fraud or coercion. It ensures that the borrower is entering into the mortgage agreement willingly and without undue pressure from the lender or any other party.
Solicitor Advising Customer who is required to take independent legal advice for a mortgage

When do you need an Independent Legal Advice (ILA)?

Solicitor Sitting Along infront of Laptop Providing Online Independent Legal Advice to Client

Independent Legal Advice (ILA) is often required in the following:

Director’s Personal Guarantees

This guarantee is often required when taking out corporate loans and mortgages.

Personal Guarantees 

Is a type of agreement where an individual guarantees repayment of a loan.

3rd Party Legal Mortgages

Where the borrower is not the same person as the person offering the lender security.

Occupier’s Consent to Mortgage and Transfers of Equity

An occupant waives any beneficial rights they may be entitled to.

Redundancy Settlement Agreements

An agreement is reached to settle any redundancy matter.

An ILA is normally a requirement set by a third party, which is usually banks or private lenders.  It is important to note that it is not a mere formality and is an important element of the transaction therefore it is imperative not to treat it as just witnessing a signature.

The House of Lords in Etridge has made a clarification to the law on undue influence and to avoid the risk of being sued by a guarantor, it can only be deflected by providing Independent Legal Advice (ILA).

Therefore, the mortgage lender requires the guarantor in a mortgage/loan to obtain Independent Legal Advice (ILA) before the guarantee is given.

The underlying principle is to ensure that you (the guarantor) understand the transaction. 

Independent Legal Advice Solicitor Near Me

No matter where you are based, we have got you covered. We cover the entire UK!

Our Online ILA solicitors can provide your Independent Legal Advice either in person by arranging a meeting in the solicitor’s offices, or virtually via a video call / virtual meeting. This allows a flexible approach where the legal advice can be provided at a place that is best suited for your needs.

Directors Personal Guarantee agreement

What happens during my Independent Legal Advice (ILA) Appointment?

Smart Man with blue blazer sitting casually in front of a laptop for his online virtual independent legal advice in London
During your independent legal advice the Expert Solicitor will typically discuss:
  • The nature of the documents
  • The financial risk that can arise if the borrower’s business fails, including the possibility of bankruptcy
  • The seriousness of the risks involved – with reference to the purpose, amount and terms of the new facility and whether other assets may be at risk to cover repayment if the business fails
  • The fact that the lender may alter the terms of the loan including increasing the amount borrowed without reference to the individual.
  • Discussing whether to negotiate with the bank on the terms of the transaction (e.g., limitation on the amount borrowed);
  • Explaining that there is a choice on whether to sign the documentation. The proposed transaction will be explained in simple and non-technical language.

What are the Costs for Independent Legal Advice (ILA)?

Independent legal advice starts from £140 (ex VAT)
The fees will be confirmed with you during the free no obligation consultation so you are clear and can make an informed decision whether to persue your matter with us or not. 
The solicitor will assess the type of legal advice that is required for your matter and provide you with a competitive quote. 
Should you wish to proceed then we would start the ball rolling and look to finish the matter as swiftly as possible for you.
Man holding a blank page ready to sign independent legal advice certificate

Independent Legal Advice Solictors FAQ's

Seek independent legal advice means to consult with a qualified and unbiased solicitor who is not affiliated with the other party involved in a legal transaction or dispute. When you are advised to seek independent legal advice, it means you should find and hire your own lawyer to review the legal matter at hand and provide you with legal guidance, explaining your rights and obligations.

This advice is often given in situations such as signing a contract, entering into a  legal agreement, dealing with family matters like estate planning, or any other situation where legal expertise is necessary to fully understand the implications of your actions. 

Any qualified solicitor has the capability to provide independent legal advice, but the term “independent” specifically means that the solicitor must not have any conflict of interest.

A conflict of interest could arise if the solicitor is representing multiple parties in the same matter, or if they have a personal or financial interest in the outcome of the case. For example, a solicitor representing both the buyer and seller in a property transaction might have a conflict of interest.

When it comes to certain legal matters, especially those involving significant financial transactions or sensitive personal issues, it’s crucial to obtain advice from a solicitor who is entirely independent and not influenced by any conflicting loyalties. For this reason, it’s essential to choose a solicitor who specialises in the specific area of law related to your situation and who does not have any conflicts of interest in your case.

You can book a free online consultation today and speak with one of our expert independent legal advice Solicitors who will advise you on the time it will take for your specific legal advice to be completed. In most cases however the time to complete is a matter of days.

An independent legal advisor is a qualified solicitor who provides an impartial legal advice and guidance to individuals, businesses, or organisations without any conflicts of interest. These advisors operate independently from any parties involved in a particular legal matter.

Independent legal advisors are commonly sought for various legal matters, including contracts, real estate transactions, family law issues, estate planning, business negotiations, and more. Clients rely on their advice to make informed decisions and navigate complex legal situations while ensuring their rights and interests are protected.

An independent solicitor refers to a legal professional, typically a lawyer, who operates without any conflicts of interest and provides legal services to clients without being influenced by external factors. The term “independent solicitor” highlight’s the solicitor’s impartiality and lack of bias in representing their clients.

Independent solicitors can be hired by individuals, businesses, or organizations to provide legal advice and representation in a wide range of legal issues, including contracts, real estate transactions, family law matters, estate planning, criminal defense, and more. Clients rely on independent solicitors to navigate the complexities of the legal system and protect their rights and interests.

In the UK, it is often a mandatory legal requirement for an individual to obtain independent legal advice when providing a personal guarantee as most lenders or creditors insist that the guarantor obtains independent legal advice as a condition of providing the guarantee.

A personal guarantee is a legal document in which an individual agrees to take on the financial responsibility for a debt or obligation if the primary debtor fails to fulfil their obligations. Since providing a personal guarantee involves significant financial risk, individuals are encouraged to fully understand the terms and implications of the guarantee before signing it.

Obtaining independent legal advice ensures that the individual guarantor understands the legal consequences of the guarantee, including the potential financial liabilities they might face in case the primary debtor defaults. Seeking independent legal advice provides an opportunity for the guarantor to ask questions, clarify doubts, and make an informed decision about whether to proceed with the guarantee.

You can book a free 10 minute virtual consultation with our expert independent legal advice solicitors in relation to any of the matters listed in our services pages. 

You may need independent legal advice for several reasons, depending on your specific circumstances and legal matters. In the UK, it is often a mandatory legal requirement for an individual to obtain independent legal advice when obtaining of loan or mortgage as most lenders and creditors insist that the  independent legal advice is obtained as a condition of providing the facility.

Independent legal advice serves to protect your interests, ensure you make informed decisions, and navigate the complex legal landscape effectively. It is particularly important in situations with legal complexities, significant financial implications, or potential legal disputes. Legal advice is tailored to your unique circumstances and is designed to help you achieve the best possible outcomes while adhering to the law.

We provide a free 10 minute virtual consultation with our expert independent legal advice solicitors in relation to any of the matters listed in our services pages. 

An independent legal advisor, often referred to as an independent lawyer or solicitor, is a professional legal expert who offers legal advice and services to clients without being influenced by any conflicting interests.

Independent legal advisors can work in various fields of law, such as real estate, family law, criminal law, business law, immigration, and more. Clients often seek their services for legal consultations, representation in legal proceedings, contract drafting and review, dispute resolution, and other legal matters. The independence of these advisors ensures that clients receive objective and reliable legal counsel tailored to their specific situations.

We offer highly competitive pricing for our independent legal advice for all your independent advice needs. We also offer a FREE consultation to help you decide if our solicitors are the right fit for your matter.